Apart-hotel planning approval

Erection of 194 bedroom apart-hotel (Use Class C1) with associated car parking and access: 2012/07169/PA.

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Document Name
 Accessible Apartment-Type F1.Pdf:755 PL II 11;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Amended Charlotte Street Contextual Elevation:;Rec’d On 13/12/2012
 Amended Charlotte Street Elevation:;Rec’d On 13/12/2012
 Amended Proposed First Floor Plan:;Rec’d On 13/12/2012
 Amended Proposed Gf Plan:;Rec’d On 13/12/2012
 Decision Notice;Issued 11/01/2013
 Design Statement Design And Access Statement
 Design Statement Design And Access Statement – 121031
 Existing Location Plan.pdf:755 PL II OS 01;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Existing Parking Amendments;Pdf;CWA 12-220-SK102;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 PA Form Without Details;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Block Plan.pdf:755 PL II 00;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Fourth Floor Plan.pdf:755 PL II 05;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Location Plan.pdf:755 PL II OS 02;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed N-E Whitmore Courtyard Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 21;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed N-W Whitmore Courtyard Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 25;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Roof Plan.pdf:006;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed S-E Canal Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 22;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed S-E Whitmore Courtyard Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 24;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed S-W Car Park Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 23;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Second Floor Plan.pdf:755 PL II 03;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Proposed Third Floor Plan.pdf:755 PL II 04;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 SUPERSEDED-Proposed Elevations In Street Context:;Rec’d On 19/10/2012
 SUPERSEDED-Proposed First Floor Plan.pdf:755 PL II 02;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 SUPERSEDED-Proposed Ground Floor Plan.pdf:755 PL LL 01;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 SUPERSEDED-Proposed N-W Charlotte St. Elevation.pdf:755 PL II 20;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Studio Apartment-Type A1.Pdf:755 PL 11 09;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Supporting Information
 Supporting Information DRAWING ISSUE SHEET 121012.Pdf
 Supporting Information GROUND INVESTIGATION REPORT.pdf
 Supporting Information PLANT NOISE IMPACT ASSESSMENT.pdf
 Supporting Statement CWA DRAINAGE STATEMENT.pdf
 Supporting Statement ENERGY & SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT Oct 12.Pdf
 Supporting Statement ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE SURVEY.pdf
 Supporting Statement FINAL Planning Statement.pdf
 Supporting Statement SBEM L2A COMPLIANCE REPORT Oct 12.Pdf
 Topographical Survey;Pdf; 03_026_40.Pdf;Rec’d On 18/10/2012
 Two Bed Apartment-Type C1.Pdf:755 PL II 10;Rec’d On 18/10/2012