Newhall Square The Engine Room

Newhall Square The Engine Room planning 2013/03836/PA – Listed Building Consent for alterations to ‘engine room’ Newhall Square in conjunction with change of use from unoccupied D1 to office (B1a) Approve subject to Conditions  23-07-2013


Documents for Planning Application – 2013/03836/PA

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Document Name
 Existing North West And South West Elevation.pdf:A200 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Existing Sections A-A And B-B.pdf:A300 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed NW And SW Elevation Reduced.pdf:A201 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Section E-E And F-F.pdf:A303 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Decision Notice;Issued 23/07/2013
 Design Statement EN2013 – Design And Assess Statement.pdf
 Existing Plan.pdf:A101 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Existing Roof Plan.pdf:A106 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Location Plan.pdf:A100 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 PA Form Without Details;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Ground Floor Plan.pdf:A103 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Mezzanine Plan.pdf:A104 -;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Roof Plan.pdf:A105 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Section A-A And B-B.pdf:A301 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Proposed Section C-C And D-D.pdf:A302 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Site Plan.pdf:A102 – ;Rec’d On 31/05/2013
 Supporting Information SK001 – Existing Photos Reduced.pdf
 Supporting Information SK002 – Render 1.Pdf
 Supporting Information SK003 – Render 2.Pdf
 Supporting Information SK005 – Render 4.Pdf
 Supporting Information SK007 – Render 6.Pdf
 Supporting Information SK008 – Render 7.Pdf